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A tale of undying and eternal love, demonstrating the interconnectedness of the Universe through the expression of two people who live many lives over thousands of years

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“What is a man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth” — Chief Seattle of the Native American Nation.



As well as being an intriguing read, the story of “The Meadow” carries three important messages:

We are connected to all things in all ways, without exception.

As a consequence, all life is eternal as is the love which it creates.

It is necessary for us to move beyond our conditioned way of thinking to comprehend this and allow the seed of curiosity to grow and then we will finally realize that we are responsible for our actions.


This video is a visual representation of The Legend — part of the story of The Meadow novel.


This video asks the greatest question of all — do you know who you really are? It tries to throw some light on how we act and interact, offering interconnectedness as an answer. This is all to be found in the pages of “The Meadow” novel.

This three minute video virtually sums up the four years it has taken to produce this novel. The music is very much an integral part of its creation.



Clicking on to the following links will take you to a separate page which supports the storyline and gives an excerpt of this amazing tale. You can also go to the side panel and access the same pages

Excerpt No. 1 The Prologue

Excerpt No. 2 Chapter 1

Excerpt No. 3 Chapter 1

Excerpt No. 4 Chapters 2 and 3

Excerpt No. 5 Chapter 6

Excerpt No. 6 Introduction to New World




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The Meadow choice of video music and images

The Meadow Theme

Music specially written and composed by Michael Mulroy to promote “The Meadow” novel. Michael is a trained classical musician and is a member of The Meadow Enterprises team.

The Meadow Movie

A peek between the pages of The Meadow, (video created by Elfreda Pretorius)
– a story about love and how it lives on. A story about Life and how it shapes who we become.

Quotes and endorsements

There is a saying known by those on their path of enlightenment: Everything comes at the perfect time, in the perfect way. “The Meadow” is exactly the sort of work where if it somehow comes your way, it is a timely message and gift from the Universe to assist you in advancing your own spiritual evolution. “The Meadow” is a magical journey for the characters in the story and the reader alike. The lessons learned by the protagonists will shine a light on whatever issues a reader may be experiencing. The work is serendipity, synchronicity, and spirituality. Note to the Showtime Network: We expect to see “The Meadow” as a mini-series and / or trilogy of films. When this novel graced our presence, we had set aside a three week period to devour its contents. Little did we know how captivating it would be as we finished it – cover to cover, word for word, in three days! Do the same and treat yourself to a modern-day literary masterpiece.

Veronica Grey
Philanthropist, Actress, Novelist
Founder of Eternal Youth Empire


When Mike first approached us to read “The Meadow” in the early stages of development, we found it hard to believe that as a young boy visiting the Forum during the Billingham International Folklore Festival, on hearing the International music, an idea was born. From this idea, came this outstanding book of love, re-incarnation, espionage, and deceit. A powerful thought provoking read, you will not be able to put down.

Joe Maloney


Billingham International Folklore Festival


What a fantastic book; couldn’t put it down. Tel Aviv to England had my heart in my mouth! I wish the authors only the greatest success. Readers should know that they will not be able to get any work done. I read two hundred pages in one go. It is thrilling, encapsulating, sad and heart warming.

Gillian Scott, M.A.T.A.

Reflexologist and Amatsu Teacher


“The Meadow” is a sensational and captivating account of two people’s lives as they meet again and again over many centuries. It weaves a path of wisdom through the ages, and awakens our curiosity, enriching our lives as we become involved with its wonderful characters.

Judy Suke

Motivational Humorist

President, Triangle Seminars



Get ready for a consciousness shift! “The Meadow” is the most intriguing, mysterious, beautiful love story I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I am still amazed that the authors could have brought this masterpiece to life while living an ocean apart. The gamut of emotions they dare the reader to experience makes for a wild, but thrilling ride. “The Meadow” touched the very core of my being and gave me a whole new perspective on all those who have come and gone in my life, the ones that shared beauty with me as well as the ones who caused me pain.

Susan Nicholas,

Reiki Master


“The Meadow” takes you along on a captivating journey connecting powerful characters through time. This engrossing journey, through many eras and parts of the world, is suspenseful, emotional, riveting and insightful. The magical MEADOW – fascinating! The authors are well deserving of “Top Ten” recognition.

Mary Hanna

Psychoeducational Consultant


“The Meadow” is a poignant story of eternal love that transcends the boundaries of time, age and gender. Interwoven through the intrigue, passion and drama of the many lifetimes of the protagonists, is a deep spiritual thread. A profoundly moving story – written with the emotion and subjectivity of two authors whose intimate awareness of the lives of the various characters suggests first-hand familiarity.

Louise Salton.

Retired Editor

Oakville, Canada


This book of multiple lives and other dimensions has challenged me to look beyond the words on the pages and contemplate if I have indeed visited the Meadow in between previous existences. The Meadow is cleverly written and construes a path of development for the characters through each life. The book is intriguing, enlightening and superbly written! I hope a sequel has been planned for this very advanced work.

Susan Bridges

Childcare Specialist

Mississauga, Ontario


“The Meadow” is simply one of the most engrossing books I have read in years. It grabbed hold of me on the opening page and did not let go. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Lesley Lomon.

Avid reader of approximately 100 books annually

Toronto, Canada.



  1. Gary Eby said,

    Hey Mike:

    Wow: Your book has taken off. Congrats! I am proud of you. Please stay in touch. My book will be released in 2009. Also consider interacting at my Positive Life Changes Group: http://www.thewozone.com/group/positivelifechanges. (Provide some links to your sample pages, right? Smile.)

    Take care.. Your friend Gary.

  2. Janet said,

    You may be too young to remember Edith Piaf, I suspect Mike will.
    Was consoling myself with old french songs from you tube tonight and stumbled upon one that made me think of you and Mike and the meadow.
    it’s the ultimate “Dieu reuni ceux qui s’aiment” , God reunites those who love each other, enjoy…


  3. Adam from BT said,

    Hi Mike,
    Just been reading about your book and it sounds fascinating. I will definately be keeping an eye out for it. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

    Take care!,


  4. Dwayne Pereira said,

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this one ! It’s rare that works of the light are unveiled in this valley of tears. The authors have undoubtedly been chosen to manifest a very special message to all who have ears and bother to listen.

    We await the book’s release with anticipation.

    much light and peace !

  5. Brenda Watts said,

    Dear Mike and Elfreda,
    I loved The Meadow and I have no doubt in my mind that it will be a great success and all who read it will be forever changed. You may have found a way to “awaken the masses”. You are not only a wonderful writer but a Master Teacher. You explained to me concepts that I have been struggling to fully comprehend. The lessons you incorporated in the story will not affect those who are not ready for the awakening, they will just enjoy the story, but the thousands and thousands who are almost there will not be able to read this story without being forever changed and at the very least gain a thirst to know more. I am truly inspired to be more, more than I was in each of my past lives. To embrace my lessons and become more than I was. The Meadow Truly is a wonderful touching novel. From an entertainment standpoint it has all the romance and excitement, adventure and intrigue anyone could want in an entertaining story. It was my pleasure to read this book. I spent many hours traveling through time and visiting interesting lands with you as I read. It was at times hard to put down as I fell in love with the charters in the story I had a hard time leaving them to their next adventure. The story line grabs you from the first page and wraps you up in a intriguing web that is truly spellbinding. I have been enjoying books since I was 6 years old and learned to read. I can truthfully say I have never read a book that was written like The Meadow. You managed to put it together in a way I have never before encountered. The way you introduce the story and move on to all the different lives our heroes experience is wonderful. Then just when it is least expected the story burst out into the real adventure, It really took me by surprise, as if the first 83 pages we not exciting and compelling enough suddenly we are thrown into a adventure of epic importance! That was when it really got hard to put down. I must admit wholeheartedly the third surprise at the end was by far my favorite part of the whole book. And surprise is exactly what it was. As if I had not just finished a heart stopping adventure, I thought I was done with the story and sadly it was over… I turned the page completely expecting a authors note on the whole story… Wow! What a surprise I had. I would recommend this book for the last chapter if nothing else! You really did do a wonderful job in creating The Meadow. I am excitedly looking forward to the sequel…hint hint…. Thank you again for sharing this amazing story with me.
    Brenda Watts

  6. mikeohare said,

    Many thanks for all that you have said about The Meadow here, Brenda. We both appreciate it and are honoured how you have supported this story.

  7. Katesa Wesche said,

    I have read many books but i have never read a book that affected me so much as this one did. I did not want to put it down till I finish it. So every chance I get, I am engrossed in it….I felt every feeling that they felt and its incredible..It moved me to tears so many times and when I do I am on facebook dedicating a song to it. A song that reflects how I feel at that particular moment..
    I am a romantic at heart, and maybe that need is not fulfilled as it should, for this book really hit me to the max…brings it out of me, and I felt every feeling of it, as if I was the character in the book
    I thank you Mike and Elfreda for this wonderful book, and the insights into
    the human nature, and what we can learn from it. The journey into love and patient and endurance to the end. A journey that we can learn from and practice them in our lives..
    Every time I talk about this book, I am tearful, for who can understand what goes on in the heart of those who love and love even more?
    And who is hopeful that in that hearafter life in the meadow, that we too can experience more joy as those who love, and lost and love again..
    That time and space, cannot hold those that love so much in this world..
    Thank you for the wonderful journey…
    Finally I say that i do love the two of you, and what your hearts represent
    for me…Glad to meet and know you two…
    Friends forever…

  8. Peter said,

    Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring
    on other sites? I have a blog based on the same subjects you discuss and would really
    like to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would enjoy your
    work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send
    me an e mail.

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