AN INTRODUCTION TO “THE MEADOW” – A novel which is waiting to reach a wide readership

“The Meadow” – a great love story

“You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts” — Cochise, Chiricahua Chief

The Meadow Painting

This painting was commissioned to celebrate the completion of “The Meadow”.
It is personal and is not meant to reflect the book cover as it is published. The cover can be seen below.
The main article/editorial further down this page, accompanying all the other lenses/blogs, is designed to promote “The Meadow” helping to bring more awareness regarding the storyline and, hopefully reach a wide readership.


~~ Mike O’Hare ~~



The Meadow seeks recognition


Publication of a great story is only the beginning.

Now it has to find its rightful place amongst the bookshelves with all the other fantastic works of fiction.

This can only happen when it is brought into people’s awareness.

“The Meadow” has taken two and a half years to write and the authors do not intend for it to take that long to gain momentum as it reaches public scrutiny.

We rely on the power of the Internet and the tools which are available to us.

There are many potential readers out there and using the right approach by using this facility will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals.




Contents at a Glance. These are links to various parts of this page which are accessed from my Squidoo page which is where all my blogs are created.

  1. The physical meadow versus the celestial watering hole called “The Meadow”
  2. The Feathers
  1. Meet Hugo
  2. Three beautiful creatures
  3. Mike’s interview regarding the background behind writing “The Meadow”


The physical meadow versus the celestial watering hole called “The Meadow”

Which would you choose?

Right is a beautiful photo of a real meadow somewhere.
Once you begin to read “The Meadow” your mind will possibly take you to another world and let you experience a meadow from another dimension — a celestial watering hole where souls go to rest between physical lives.


Observe the painting above and see what conjures in the minds of the two authors who wrote “The Meadow”.



The Feathers

One from an eagle and the other from an owl

This is how the story begins, with a legend, where two tail feathers are cast from an eagle and an owl in an aerial display.
Right is a close up depicting them in the painting of “The Meadow” and below are the real feathers, framed to celebrate the completion of “The Meadow”.




Marketing via the Internet is the only way forward for a novel such as “The Meadow”

I think I can safely say that I’m on equal ground with the theologians, philosophers and scientists when it comes to discussing matters about Reincarnation.
I’m reading quite a few very interesting articles on the subject and to say that I’m experiencing quite conflicting ideas about this concept is an under statement.
It is an emotive and very subjective theory which is born out of the way we live our lives, the way we have been conditioned and the way that we are impressed by others.

My writing partner, Elfreda Pretorius, is a trained hypnotherapist and has given past life regression to many people. In most or all of these cases, there has been information fed to them which would suggest that they have lived other lives.

Sometimes the information that comes through is almost irrefutable. However, this must all come down to interpretation. The fact that information is getting through is, in my opinion, evidence enough to indicate that something non-physical is happening.

By what has been said here, you may be getting the impression that I am totally against the idea that we could have lived many lives before. On the contrary, I wholeheartedly support it, but I have to admit to myself that there is this area, a very human area, where the mind and the ego tend to collude and leave us with impressions that are more than satisfactorily supported by modern society.

I always remember my days when I belonged to an on-line writing group. I once happened to write an article which mentioned the electro magnetic field which surrounds us all. This has been scientifically proved and the common name for it is the Aura. Strung to this short piece that I was writing was the mention of the Aura manifesting in many different ways, according to our moods and the biophysical way that our cells can and do change within the hour, let alone a day or a week.

I referred to this as the life force and how its vibration was constantly changing. A very intellectual member of this writing group, who was a magnificent poet, slated the very idea that I could come out with such drivel. He made the point of expressing his thoughts about this as he typed via the web site that we used. He then made it his business to humiliate me by repeating and over-exaggerating the words that I had used.

This gentleman is a typical example of what I have tried to explain above. The intellect is responsible for our reasoning ability and some of us quite flatly refuse to believe anything that we can not touch, smell, taste, hear or see. These people totally rely on the five natural senses for which we have been blessed to experience ourselves in a very physical world.

The subject has troubled me for many years, but I have overcome my doubts and given rise to the idea that to live again and again in a different life is the only way that our soul can progress and evolve. How can we ever learn everything there is to know in one or even a thousand lifetimes?

I thought many times about complicating the issue and writing essays and doing papers on the matter, but then I realised I would only be adding fuel to an already lit fire. Instead I used my subjectivity in a format which allowed an idea to evolve that I had nurtured in my head for so many years. With the help of another person, I wrote a powerful, epic love story based on this very subject. And so “The Meadow” was born.

This is about two people who meet in antiquity and discover a very unusual love between them, strong enough to draw them to each other in multiple existences.As the story unfolds over centuries they meet again and again; not only are they torn apart by circumstances, but a nemesis begins to dog their foot steps.

Their story is a moving tale about the power of love and how the strength of it can conquer anything. It teaches valuable lessons of forgiveness and incorporates all of the human emotions to contrast and demonstrate the polarities the human being has to struggle with in order to grow and evolve. And although most people would prefer a fairy tale ending, those conclusions seldom reflect the harshness of reality. The Meadow is about reality where insight and understanding comes through sacrifice and a belief that life is truly never ending.

As a consequence, these two lovers are never given the opportunity to unite in one lifetime and so they have to do it over and over again until they become well rounded souls with the wisdom to tackle a world in chaos, and those who live in it who would do them harm.

This is “The Meadow”. To them reincarnation is the buzz word and this fictional story runs parallel with what happens today to make this a plausible and exciting epic.

It has all the ingredients of a good novel and soon my co-author, Elfreda, and I aim to prove that there is a huge market for this kind of genre.



Meet Hugo

Hugo is no ordinary twelve-year-old boy

He lives in his own little world, although he is learning fast how to communicate with others, particularly his beautiful mum, Eva.
You will see how he earned his respect from the Professor when he cracked a huge mathematical puzzle that had been left on the blackboard for weeks.
None of the students could solve it.
But then Hugo came along . . .
Hugo lives by the math. He is a mildly autistic savant and is animated by complex equations.
He thrives in solving huge formula permutations.
In fact his skills help to change and save lives, especially those who are closest to him.
You will fall in love with him when you read “The Meadow”.


Three beautiful creatures

They all feature in “The Meadow”

. .

Some of the locations used in “The Meadow”

Get a feel for the story when you see some of the locations that are used

All the places mentioned in “The Meadow” are real, even Thorp Pelkington which you will not find on a map no matter how detailed.
Here are just some of them. Watch out for more in other lenses.
The picture right shows the entrance to The Meadow — a real housing estate which became part of the storyline.
I only discovered this place when I was half way through the story.
I couldn’t resist the challenge that it offered me, having the same name as the title of our book.


Above is where I spent a lot of my time as I contributed to the story.

This is a secluded spot in a village next to Elwick, the place where a lot of the story happens and where our Professor lives.

Watch out for him in other lenses/blogs.



Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game

How to overcome struggle and start living — read about my writing partner and co-author of “The Meadow” and how her skills as a life coach inspired her to her first book

SMALLAre you tired of struggling through life but hope tomorrow will be better? Well, it will not be any different from today. Not unless you learn and apply the Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game. This beautiful novel of a spiritual awakening teaches us the principles and practical steps we need in order to take control of our lives and begin to soar.

Stop Struggling and Start Living: The Rules of the Game

Amazon Price: $11.66 (as of 08/15/2008)



Has this page raised any interest in learning more about “The Meadow”?

Please make comments and leave a contact

All the articles and blogs that I write are designed to create an awareness of “The Meadow”. Communication, pro-action and interaction is the name of the game. Let me know somehow that “The Meadow” is on your mental list. This will eventually lead us to the right people and bring this story (which was meant to be written) to the world.

You can reply in the box or use my personal details at the foot of this page,


The Meadow novel

A story of undying love over thousands of years through many different lives

SMALLA novel written with a message for the modern world.
It’s time to start realizing that there is more to life than what our five physical senses relay to us.
Release your conditioned mind and understand that life is eternal, whether it be in the mind, the soul or the body.
Life goes on regardless, and we follow it every step of the way.
See how Google grabs on related words and phrases. In time these should bring us towards other stories and blogs that will prevent this page from spamming.
Apples, a Blind Horse, and A Leg. Ouch!!

Themeadowblog — a tool used to follow “The Meadow”

This story illustrates how life can be truly eternal when love carries two souls through many lives

Past lives or reincarnation can either be a buzz word or one that upsets those of a religious belief that contradicts their philosophy.
From a logical point of view, it is the opinion of both authors that all lessons can not be learnt in just one earthly life time.
“The Meadow” and its storyline is based around this concept. I hope to see this feed search improve each time a new group is found until I see “The Meadow” being illustrated each time.
robyn art
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Baltimore Shakespeare Festival’s Shrew Opens in the Meadow …
Jul 18, 2008 … The Taming of the Shrew runs July 18 – August 3 at the Meadow at Evergreen Museum … “These Shining Lives”: Surface Glimmer at CENTERSTAGE … Url : Cache (Ranked #29)
Aug 10, 2008 … Squidoo : Lensmaster Page: This is all about “The Meadow”. I will be describing how it came to be written. Watch this space; Past lives and … Url : Cache (Ranked #2)
Welcome to The Meadow Lens home page
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The Meadow House Inn – First and Last Pub in England
Kicking of the live music for 2008 will be The Stranglers lead guitarist and … and have enjoyed working at the Meadow House for the past 27 years. … Url : Cache (Ranked #10)
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Watch out for my personal avatar

The Phoenix rising from the ashes combined with an outline of a female’s head

The Phoenix rising from the ashes combined with an outline of a female’s head.
In 1986 I was under a great deal of stress. My mother was dying of cancer and I was undergoing horrendous business relationships with my equal partner.
My mother died, coinciding with my decision to go it alone and break the partnership and form a new business.
I commemorated this by designing this emblem/logo in memory of my late mother and in recognition of a new start in business.
It has remained with me ever since and has accompanied many articles that I have written, as well as being the company logo that accompanied all business administration.


This is the avatar of my co-author, Elfreda Pretorius

A little girl picking up a baby sparrow

“Sparrow in my hand” is the personal Avatar of my writing partner, Elfreda.
Drawn by her son, it commemorates a turning point in her life when that same son, at the age of seven, overcame life threatening injuries sustained in an accident.
This is his vision of his mother as a little girl, wondering how to save a baby sparrow that fell from its nest – the same way she wondered how to help him survive all those years ago.
“Sparrow in my hand” is the book of his healing they intend to write in the near future.


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Check out all “The Meadow” lenses and blogs

“The Meadow” has its own home page where you can read all about this story

“The Meadow” is ready to be shared with the world. However, before that can happen, there are certain factors which need addressing.

The main issue here is to get the story out there and attract people by showing snippets and characters in the book.

Here goes my lists of articles for you to follow from The Meadow Home Page regarding a great love story that spans over thousands of years.

I hope you can get something from all of them.


The Meadow Blog Home page






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These are from various sites and different people

This is all about viral marketing and how to draw people to you. All my communication will be detailed in the form of links whereby the loop becomes complete.
Elfreda, my writing partner’s own website
Here you will find all you need to know about life skills.
My Website for people to post their own material
See in more detail how “The Meadow” has developed.
Writer,Author,Publishing Club
Gary Eby’s group in Squidoo.
Another place to post your blogs.
See another showpiece for “The Meadow”.
The Bookglutton Club
Join me at this readers’ club.



Contact us

We’re easily reached


If you are interested in learning more about “The Meadow”, then you can contact us as




No. 8 High Throston,
TS26 0LJ


No. 22 Oakville,

L6H 2B5, Canada
Telephone: +(0044) 1429 279814
Fax: +(0044) 1429 231255


+(0001) 905 815 0734



The Meadow Home Page

The Meadow at Twitter


  1. Vicar Susan Swindelles said,

    Well, I am looking forward to this book coming out. Having problems with my computer I guess , I couldn’t get links to work, it must be a setting. I’ll have to check that today. I am very impressed.
    It must be kizmit that we have met, cause although I haven’t had my past lives regressed, I have the bloodline . I am american as you know, a Vicar , and part of it is doing the genealogy. I have quite a unique bloodline, not famous, as I know , but there was a Vicar Susan Swindelles in England in 1600’s found her on google. And so that freaked me out. This is just a few of the things i’ve been through on this genealogical journey. I wonder if she is related , wouldn’t that be a trip! Then , other relatives came over on the Mayflower in 1492, my son will get a scholarship for college for that one. Thomas Rogers, was my gr, gr, gr, gr, grandfather’s name, he came over with his son, Joseph. They left England for religious persercution. So they say anyways. His son Joseph had to go live with William Bradford the Governor of Massachusetts at the time of Thomas’s death , he died on the ship while building the town, what was known as the (sickness). When Joseph was 18 , he married and was given a parcel of land (which is now in cape cod ) from William Bradford , to start his life. So did his brother Richard. More is known about Joseph. And this goes on and on. Until present day and thats only one side of my family. I live and always have in Rhode Island , USA. Where upon my 30th birthday I sustained lifethreatening injuries I live with till this day. I am still on my quest for the genealogical research as the Native American aspect of it never seems to be easy. But as in your book I feel my own family has relived their souls , over and over again through time. Possibly it has been me, with this life not being lucky, or perhaps they all had an accident at 30, who knows. I would love to read this book and find out how their lives end up. Although I won’t get my hopes up too high. As you put it, only fairy tales have happy endings. Thank you, Vicar Susan Ann Swindelles

  2. Brenda Watts said,

    The Meadow is truly an amazing story! I am so glad I read it. Thank you both for writing it and sharing this with the world.
    Brenda Watts

  3. dianne carol sudron said,

    Hi there,i am looking forward to reading this book,i am part of a reading group in Hartlepool library,we read books and comment on them,we are so looking foward to reading this love story of reincarnation,,,
    here goes its 2012 time to say what you really think..and not let anyone tell you different,a new trend lets, set up a new trend-
    i am a reincarnation of zelda Fitzgerald and my book The Musty Old Magical Curiosity Shop is out on…
    Its a very long story how i came to know that i was Zelda and if anyone read my writing there would be a similarity in the writing styles-
    And the million dollar question where is F.Scott Ftzgerald now-well we all have reincarnated from that SOUL GROUP-AND some doing the very same thing-writing again-he he -but i wont say where he reincarnated-lets just say i know where i am and thats what matters to me
    ..what i would love to know is about soul progression,,i definately dont attend the same amount of coctail parties..!!!
    as i used to -in fact i am the absolute opposite of that past we all are when we reincarnate.,it wouldnt be any point to be exactly the same each and every time,how so borring would that be..

    Dianne carol sudron

    • Mike O'Hare said,

      Many thanks for the comment, Diane. The main message coming out of The Meadow is to help us realise that we are all connected in some way. In my book, that’s one big soul group. There are no lines drawn in the sand when understanding who and what we are.

      If you belong in Hartlepool you should look me up some time.

  4. dianne carol sudron said,

    Hi mike,
    i wil be in touch with you when i have read the book and would there be any chance of you doing a book reading or signing at the library as i have met two other authors at the Hartlepool Library one of them is Guy Mankowski who has written the Intimates a story based in the excellent writer who am sure you have heard of..
    So i will be able to comment further once i read the book and the rest of the group read the book..i am intrigued to know how reincarnation involves everyone or it makes us all interconnected,and it is a soothing thought that we are all parts of the same one interconnected strand.


  5. Mike O'Hare said,

    No problems with the book reading/signing, Diane. The idea of reincarnation is very much subjective. However, the fact that all things without exception are interconnected is a quantum leap in our understanding.

    Like many a good novel The Meadow begins with a legend. Here is a video to celebrate this.

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