Comment and interview with William P. Young, author of The Shack, #1 The Times best seller

“The Meadow” – a great love story

“We will be known forever by the tracks that we leave” — Native American Nation

William P. Young, author of The Shack

A phenomenal literary success which never reached the publishers. The following is a brief outline of how Mr Young bucked the trend and had The Shack published with no involvement from the publishers.

This article was included with the aim of helping to promote “The Meadow”, a novel now awaiting recognition from a discerning readership.

~~ Mike O’Hare ~~




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  1. The Meadow seeks recognition
  2. The physical meadow versus the celestial watering hole called “The Meadow”
  3. The Feathers
  1. The phenomenal success behind The Shack
  2. Meet Natalie
  3. Three beautiful creatures

The Meadow seeks recognition


Publication of a great story is only the beginning.

Now it has to find its rightful place amongst the bookshelves with all the other fantastic works of fiction.

This can only happen when it is brought into people’s awareness.

“The Meadow” has taken two and a half years to write and the authors do not intend for it to take that long to gain momentum as it reaches public scrutiny.

We rely on the power of the Internet and the tools which are available to us.

There are many potential readers out there and using the right approach by using this facility will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals.

Watch this space.



The physical meadow versus the celestial watering hole called “The Meadow”

Which would you choose?

Right is a beautiful photo of a real meadow somewhere.
Once you begin to read “The Meadow” your mind will possibly take you to another world and let you experience a meadow from another dimension — a celestial watering hole where souls go to rest between physical lives.

Observe the painting below and see what conjures in the minds of the two authors who wrote “The Meadow”.



The Feathers

One from an eagle and the other from an owl

This is how the story begins, with a legend, where two tail feathers are cast from an eagle and an owl in an aerial display.
Right is a close up depicting them in the painting of “The Meadow” and below are the real feathers, framed to celebrate the completion of “The Meadow”.



The phenomenal success behind The Shack

The following gives an account of a personal interview with William P. Young and a comment made on a MySpace blog

My writing partner and co-author to “The Meadow”, Elfreda Pretoirus, is also a Webtalkradio broadcaster and she had the recent honour to interview William P. Young, author ‘extraordinaire’ of The Shack. Before this had occurred, I happened to write a blog on MySpaceabout his amazing success.Little did I know, but My Young is also a member of MySpace and he picked up on the article that I had written. He liked the concept behind my thoughts and philosophy regarding the publishing world and how difficult it is to get published. After he had complimented me for such a “fantastic” article, he agreed to let Elfreda interview him.

If there is any interest stemming from this lens, then I will be happy to post the links where this broadcast can be found. All you need to do is either post a message to me via this site, through my Meadow Novel home page at The Meadow home page or direct to me at

If you go on to MySpace page which posts the article, you will be able to read Mr Young’s comments to me. In the meantime, I am posting that same article here for you to read. I may add that the interview went very well and it is very inspiring for the likes of me, and Elfreda, who are now expecting to see the sales of “The Meadow” flourish.


“People who keep their literary fiction noses to the ground will realise that “The Shack” has acquired the Number One best seller status in the United States.

Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the world’s best selling work of fiction based on fact.

As a resident of the UK, I haven’t had the opportunity to read it, so I’m not yet in a position to make any comment regarding the storyline. Roll on August 7th when it will be released here.

However, the background behind how this book was written and finally published deserves more than a mention. As co-author to “The Meadow” I know how important it is to have the entire infrastructure in place to allow the finished product to reach the bookshelves. Assuming that the storyline is worthy of great merit, from hereon it is an uphill battle. And boy do I mean uphill.

The author of “The Shack”, William Paul Young, originally had written this story for his six children. Because of his own traumatic background, he felt compelled to have his say and perhaps leave a very personal legacy for his family. Once completed, he must have realised that there had to be some kind of an outlet for his story, just so that it could at least reach the hearts and minds of those he loved most.

In the process of looking for ways and means to get his book into a more general mode of acceptance, he sought the help of a personal friend who, I believe, was a pastor and an author. Once his friend had received Mr Young’s manuscript he screamed at him, just like my writing partner, Elfreda, did with me, to get this story published. It happened that Mr Young’s pastor friend had just the right person to help him who was connected in some way with the media.

Apparently it was suggested that Mr Young should originally arrange to have only a few copies printed off, just to test the immediate market. For a cost of around three hundred dollars, he had managed to have enough books at his disposal to give to friends and relatives.

At this point we are about to witness the trend being well and truly bucked. To date, and by word of mouth only, William P. Young has managed to put out 1.7 million copies on to the open book market. This is an amazing feat and definitely one in the eye for all the publishers out there.

Mr Young suffered at the hands of the agents and publishers just the same way as Elfreda and I, not forgetting J K Rowling who experienced many hundreds of rejections. In fact we are personally marketing “The Meadow” because of the total disinterest of the publishing fraternity. Like us, he received stock, pre-printed replies, telling him that there was “no market for this kind of stuff”. How many times have I heard that one as we awaited the magic acceptance letter to pop through the mailbox?

I commend William P. Young for what he has achieved and I am so in awe of his short-term, but massive achievements. He actually beat the publishers. I know that he now wants to be in a position where he can offer any help to others and share his experience. So, for the benefit of those could-be and wannabe writers who subscribe to MySpace, I would ask Mr Young if he would leave his comments and advice to this article, despite his busy schedule.

As a ‘friend’ on MySpace, I know that you probably have the opportunity to read this at some time, Mr Young, regardless of how busy you are. You are an example to all who aspire to the written word and I’m sure that I speak for all other MySpace friends when I say that we will be honoured to hear from you. Maybe you can share some of your background and a little bit about the storyline, especially for all my associates who don’t live in the US. I sincerely hope that you will respond.

I only pray that this is a final lesson to the publishers. No longer are they prepared to invest in the unpublished creative writer. Unless you are rich and famous, an existing successful author, a high profile politician or sportsperson, then you have no chance of sharing your written word with the rest of the world, regardless of how good, or what you submit to them. It is more likely to be fact rather than fiction that most of the best literary fictional work is still lying dormant on the hard drive of a hard working and creative author.

Some of my ‘friends’ here at MySpace, have hundreds, even thousands of ‘friends’; so sharing Mr Young’s experience will go far. Maybe we can start a new marketing trend on this and similar social networking sites and illustrate to the public and the publishers that the Internet is definitely the way forward. In my book there are two recent stories worthy of public scrutiny. “The Shack” has already proved itself beyond all doubt. “The Meadow” now waits in the wings and I anticipate with great fervour when its own wings spread and lift off to share alongside the success of “The Shack.” Perhaps they were meant to compliment each other? They both have profound messages to give to the world. I’ll let the people decide who finally read it. With enough support, maybe this will reach the odd progressive publisher or agent.

Apparently, there are pigs flying high in the air”.


Meet Natalie

A larger than life little girl who infuses mystery into “The Meadow”

She is only six years old, but this little girl has a special place on this earth.
It is only when she comes across Steve, Eva and, of course Hugo, that parts of the celestial jig saw puzzle come together.
She is indeed a queen amongst the fairies.

Discover the special relationship that she shares with this magnificent horse when you read “The Meadow”.



Three beautiful creatures

They all feature in “The Meadow”



The Meadow novel

A story of undying love over thousands of years through many different lives

A novel written with a message for the modern world.
It’s time to start realizing that there is more to life than what our five physical senses relay to us.
Release your conditioned mind and understand that life is eternal, whether it be in the mind, the soul or the body.
Life goes on regardless, and we follow it every step of the way.

See how Google grabs on related words and phrases. In time these should bring us towards other stories and blogs that will prevent this page from spamming.

Apples, a Blind Horse, and A Leg. Ouch!!


“The Meadow”

A novel which took two and a half years to write

After the last word had been added to “The Meadow”, I arranged for a painting to be commissioned to celebrate its completion.
It is not intended to give the impression that this is the book cover. That is illustrated above.
However, I have been told how this picture vividly brings the story to life.




“The Meadow”

A novel about love and life which spans thousands of years

“The Meadow” is a story that is now awaiting that high profile which marks the success of a great story.

Marketing on the Internet is the best tool to find this source and receiving RSS feedback simply helps to amplify this.

Using the facilities of the Internet is something quite new to me and as time moves on, I hope to attract traffic into these pages, whereby interaction can take place.

In the meantime, please feel free to leave any comments at the foot of this page.


Some of the locations used in “The Meadow”

Get a feel for the story when you see some of the locations that are used

All the places mentioned in “The Meadow” are real, even Thorp Pelkington which you will not find on a map no matter how detailed. Here are just some of them.
Watch out foPhotobucketr more in other lenses/blogs.
The right hand picture is of the high street, a part of Beamish Open Air Museum.
This magnificent setting is where Eva, our main female protagonist meets up with the mysterious monk, Chong-ba.

Elfreda is from Canada and I am from the UK. However, after we had completed the book, we agreed to meet up for the first time. Yes, we wrote “The Meadow” without laying eyes on one another.

Beamish was one of the first places that we decided to meet in person and what a great day we had.



Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game

Written and created by Elfreda Pretorius

Elfreda is my writing partner and co-author of “The Meadow”. Elfreda is a life skills coach and a counsellor. Recently she has joined Webtalk Radioand in a short time has become a prolific broadcaster.

Stop Struggling and Start Living: The Rules of the Game

Amazon Price: $11.66 (as of 08/15/2008)



Has this page raised any interest in learning more about “The Meadow”?

Please make comments and leave a contact

All the articles and blogs that I write are designed to create an awareness of “The Meadow”.

Communication, pro-action and interaction is the name of the game.

If you are a romanticist then this book is definitely for you. Look out for details where you can purchase this novel.

You can either comment in the box or use my personal details at the foot of this page.


Themeadowblog — a tool used to follow “The Meadow”

This story illustrates how life can be truly eternal when love carries two souls through many lives

Past lives or reincarnation can either be a buzz word or one that upsets those of a religious belief that contradicts their philosophy. From a logical point of view, it is the opinion of both authors that all lessons can not be learnt in just one earthly life time. “The Meadow” and its storyline is based around this concept. I hope to see this feed search improve each time a new group is found until I see “The Meadow” being illustrated each time.
Baltimore Shakespeare Festival’s Shrew Opens in the Meadow …
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The Meadow House Inn – First and Last Pub in England
Kicking of the live music for 2008 will be The Stranglers lead guitarist and … and have enjoyed working at the Meadow House for the past 27 years. … Url : Cache (Ranked #10)
Mowing the Meadow
Mowing the Meadow. Grace visits often when you live deep in the country, … She had stood her ground as the huge red machine had roared up and past her, … Url : Cache (Ranked #14)
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The Phoenix rising from the ashes combined with an outline of a female’s head

In 1986 I was under a great deal of stress. My mother was dying of cancer and I was undergoing horrendous business relationships with my equal partner.My mother died, coinciding with my decision to go it alone and break the partnership and form a new business.

I commemorated this by designing this emblem/logo in memory of my late mother and in recognition of a new start in business.

It has remained with me ever since and has accompanied many articles that I have written, as well as being the company logo that accompanied all business administration.



This is the avatar of my co-author, Elfreda Pretorius

A little girl picking up a baby sparrow

“Sparrow in my hand” is the personal Avatar of my writing partner, Elfreda.
Drawn by her son, it commemorates a turning point in her life when that same son, at the age of seven, overcame life threatening injuries sustained in an accident.
This is his vision of his mother as a little girl, wondering how to save a baby sparrow that fell from its nest – the same way she wondered how to help him survive all those years ago.
“Sparrow in my hand” is the book of his healing they intend to write in the near future.

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“The Meadow” has its own home page where you can read all about this story

“The Meadow” is ready to be shared with the world.

However, before that can happen, there are certain factors which need addressing.

The main issue here is to get the story out there and attract people by showing snippets and characters in the book.

Here goes my lists of articles for you to follow regarding a great love story that spans over thousands of years.

I hope you can get something from all of them.

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  1. RaiulBaztepo said,

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  2. Moriah Conquering Wind said,

    OK … officially intrigued now. With the descriptions of a love encompassing many lives throughout millenia, it sounds like you’ve tapped Moriah’s well here, become aware of its archetype or at least a major component involved in its incarnation. Depending on how you respond to this, it might like to discuss further. But first it needs reading the excerpts you have here online to determine if its initial impression has been accurate.

    Also interesting you’ve hooked up with the author of The Shack, as this would be the first thing that came to mind when reading about The Meadow. Where The Shack sought to reveal the eternal embrace of the Loving All-Father (pictured as a woman too, clever touch!) it sounds like the Meadow aims to reveal the eternal dance of Lover and Beloved. Moriah knows this dance well, as it has been intimately involved in it through many lifetimes spanning many cultures and many millenia. Bes you acquainted with the anthem from the Gnostic Mass by any chance? It contains a mystic formula regarding this dance.

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