EXCERPTS (No. 2) FROM “THE MEADOW” — a story of love and devastation stretching over thousands of years

“The Meadow” – a great love story

Excerpt from the life in Ancient Mexica – birth of the nemesis who tracks the lead characters from antiquity into modern times.

Here is an introduction which should lead you to read the second excerpt from “The Meadow”, a book about love and past lives which started in antiquity and reaches the modern world.

The root personalities are Teuch and Anacaona.

This excerpt introduces Mautotl – her brother – who becomes the nemesis who tracks them through the ages and right into modern times.

Read the second excerpt to “The Meadow” below.




The Meadow seeks recognition

This story was meant to be given to the world

Publication of a great story is only the beginning. Now it has to find its rightful place amongst the bookshelves with all the other fantastic works of fiction. This can only happen when it is brought into people’s awareness.”The Meadow” has taken two and a half years to write and the authors do not intend for it to take that long to gain momentum as it reaches public scrutiny.

We rely on the power of the Internet and the tools which are available to us. There are many potential readers out there and using the right approach by using this facility will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals.



THE MEADOW — a great love story

A tale that started in antiquity and reached the twenty first century

This is a story about love, devastation, lies and deceit. Above all, the story demonstrates how all things are connected, without exception.
Are there other concepts out there that can match this amazing tale? Maybe the links below can demonstrate this.

The feathers, seen left, are a central feature to the story.

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The physical meadow versus the celestial watering hole called “The Meadow”

Which would you choose?

To the right is a beautiful photo of a real meadow somewhere.
Once you begin to read “The Meadow” your mind will possibly take you to another world and let you experience a meadow from another dimension — a celestial watering hole where souls go to rest between physical lives.
Observe the painting painting below and see what conjures in the minds of the two authors who wrote “The Meadow”.


The Feathers — the magic behind “The Meadow”

A novel waiting to take off

This is how the story begins, with a legend, where two tail feathers are cast from an eagle and an owl in an aerial display.To the right is a close up depicting them in the painting of “The Meadow” and to the left are the real feathers, framed to celebrate the completion of “The Meadow”.



Excerpt from Chapter 1 — “The Pact”

The root personalities make their appearance

This excerpt introduces Mautotl – her brother – who becomes the nemesis who tracks them through the ages and right into modern times.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“…On the surface both leaders were pleased about the easy relationship that existed between their young children. After all, it served its purpose for the tiacapan, firstborn of each ruler, to be united in marriage, plans of which lay firmly in their future. And in the absence of other siblings, Teuch, son of Atonal and Rahltaeah, found it easy, even natural to bond with the golden-limbed girl with the waist length black hair.

Neither Teuch nor Anacaona had any idea that just prior to incarnating, somewhere, somehow in the cosmic heavens two energies had converged ecstatically, if only briefly. Earthbound for the prehistoric Mexicas, they were destined to start a journey together of which enactment on the worldly stage would result in deep reward as well as personal devastation. They had no idea either, that their story would not reach its final conclusion for many thousands of years.

When Anacaona was five years old her mother, Hautlaeh, finally gave birth to the long awaited son that Zolton would have preferred to be his firstborn. Mautotl’s entry into this world prophetically foretold the way he would live his life. In his zeal to be born, he forced his way so violently that his mother’s desperate screams reduced the experienced midwife to a nervous bundle of hysterical incompetence. She had clasped a hand in horror over her mouth, powerless to console or assist the distressed woman, whose writhing body was imprisoned by never-ending waves of excruciating contractions.

After what seemed a very long time, Hautlaeh ceased all movement and appeared to stop breathing. The midwife leaned forward and urgently whispered her name although she had already recognized the eerie quiet as an ominous signal. Hautlaeh did not answer, as the midwife knew she wouldn’t. Squatting beside the reed mat, she waited helplessly for the uncontrollable shaking to start; a fatal sign of the body’s loss of rhythm and power to control the birthing of the infant. Soon, she knew, Hautlaeh would begin to hemorrhage.

Minutes later, covered in Hautlaeh’s blood, the big, burly midwife looked away when her patient’s body finally went limp. Death had come to claim its victim and defeated, she straightened to fetch the customary mourners who would adequately wail the loss of a brave woman. But it was his first cry that stopped her in her tracks and she glanced back in utter shock. Somehow the child had survived the birthing ordeal and she stared transfixed at the screaming, scrawny baby boy that had been deposited between Hautlaeh’s legs. His mouth was wide open and he loudly yelled his demand for immediate attention, and while his mother steadily inched her way into permanent darkness, he kept up his frantic squeals to be noticed. Only then did she become aware of Anacaona, crouched frightened in the corner of the room.

“What are you doing here, child?” she asked exasperated and out of breath.

“Why is my mother so quiet?” The midwife noticed the wet patch on the soil where the little girl was sitting, and realized that she had witnessed the entire ordeal. Her heart sank.

“Anacaona, please go outside!” She didn’t know what else to say.

“Why is she not breathing?” The girl’s voice was soft and intense. “Please! Please! Help my mother!”

“I cannot, child.” Her voice sounded old and resigned; not because she hadn’t encountered scenarios like this before, but because the child stared so distraughtly at the screaming baby. She was as unnerved by his relentless squeals as Anacaona seemed to be by his presence. The newborn appeared unconscionably strong and healthy for having caused his mother’s end; like it had won a battle and was proud of it.

“Is my mother dead?” Her little face contorted in anguish.

“Yes,” the midwife whispered hoarsely, wringing her hands together. She was incapable of explaining why.

Anacaona slowly approached the big sweating woman and stood trembling at her side, refusing to look at her mother’s face. Her voice was barely audible.

“Is it a boy?”

“It is a boy, child.” The midwife suddenly remembered that she was addressing the offspring of one of the rulers and tried to appease the young girl’s anxiety. “And by his relentless screaming, I would say that he is healthy and well.”

teuch-in-silhouett“No he is not! He is evil.” The little girl’s gaze was transfixed on the baby. “Look at him!” Her eyes filled with tears and she choked on her words. “He knows not that my mother is dead!” Anacaona turned and fled from the room as quickly as she could.

“Come back, child!” But she kept on running. The reality of her new brother’s presence filled her little heart with despair. And she knew not why.

On this day a keen observer would have known that Mautotl had established his life’s pattern very early on. Years later when told of his mother’s death, the possibility of Hautlaeh surviving instead of him struck him as completely absurd. It never crossed his mind that perhaps both could have lived. Mautotl was born selfish and from the very beginning his consciousness was devoid of empathy and the ability to share. Death was always an easy choice for him; the preferred punishment he meted out for his opponents or adversaries…”



Meet the authors

Mike O’Hare and Elfreda Pretorius

Mike and Elfreda met through the most bizarre of circumstances. Both were total strangers to each other and they lived thousands of miles apart with an ocean between them.One day Mike offered some help to a friend who was managing a very large web site. In order to help cut the massive word count and thus reduce the number of pages, he offered his friend a way to ‘write tight’, cutting six pages down to three.

Unfortunately Mike’s friend thought this was too clinical and in an effort to prove his point he handed Mike an email from a ‘critic’ who he claimed had endorsed his work.

After only a fleeting glimpse of this email, Mike realized that there was something more than met the eye. He wrote to the person who had sent the email which happened to be Elfreda.

From thereon, reality became more bizarre than fiction and between them they grew as friends and eventually decided to write “The Meadow” without ever meeting. Yes, this story was written by two people who had never come face to face until after the novel was completed.

Read more of the other pages which supports the promotion of “The Meadow”.



The Spotted Cow

A typical country pub, the likes of which can be found around the villages of England

The Spotted Cow is a quaint country pub. It has all the refinery that you expect from a village ‘watering hole’.The exterior consists of white rendered walls with beautiful hanging baskets holding a wide variety of flowers and blooms. In front of the main door is a menu board displaying the culinary delights of the day.

Once you walk inside, you will find an ambiance that immediately makes you feel at home. No wonder this is one of two fine public houses in the village of Elwick which attracts people from all over the North East part of England.

It is not surprising that Mike chose this pub as part of the backdrop to the story of “The Meadow”. Read more about this in other pages which support the promotion of “The Meadow”.

The other pub worthy of mention is the McOrville, equally inviting as the Spotted Cow. This pub was named after the race horse, Orville, which was trained at Elwick during the hey day of horse training.

During Mike’s recent visit to Elwick Village, he was amazed to find many similarities which ran parallel to “The Meadow”, one of them being a race horse that now lives in Elwick and has many similarities to the fictional horse in the story. Is fact really greater than fiction?

Read more about “The Meadow” in other promotional pages which accompanies this one.



Three beautiful creatures

They all feature in “The Meadow”









The Meadow novel

A story of undying love over thousands of years through many different lives

PhotobucketA novel written with a message for the modern world. It’s time to start realizing that there is more to life than what our five physical senses relay to us. Release your conditioned mind and understand that life is eternal, whether it be in the mind, the soul or the body. Life goes on regardless, and we follow it every step of the way.
A short, heart-rendering story called “Dead Man’s Hollow”
The Meadow is an Epic Love Story Involving Four Past Lives. http://www.themeadowblog.com/ I’ve just completed co-authoring a novel of more than 600 pages; a huge venture which took more than two and a half years to complete.
Experience Nature To Feel That Oneness
According to Buddhist philosopher and photographer Daisaku Ikeda, the response to nature’s beauty is not merely aesthetic but reflects also the ability to discern a deeper meaning and interconnectedness in things.
During this life review the subject feels the presence and renewed experience of not only every act but also every thought from one’s past life, and one realizes that all of it is an energy field which influences oneself as well as
Lifting Fire
It has now been semi-colonized by the homeless community that lives inside ? in racially segregated sections of the park. The campus is more subdued and conservative today, yet there are surprise remnants of a liberal past.

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This is his vision of his mother as a little girl, wondering how to save a baby sparrow that fell from its nest – the same way she wondered how to help him survive all those years ago.

“Sparrow in my hand” is the book of his healing they intend to write in the near future.



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