EXCERPTS (No. 6) FROM “THE MEADOW” — a story of love and devastation stretching over thousands of years

“The Meadow” – a great love story

A short summary before the real story is told — INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW WORLD

This is the last of six excerpts from “The Meadow”. In the preceding five pages we have given you small glimpses of how the story and the characters evolved through ancient times. The purpose was to bring the reader closer to the male and female protagonists in the book and to illuminate the difficulties they would face in the twenty first century, based on a personal history they did not remember.

Yet, “The Meadow” guards a secret which will only be revealed once the reader is immersed in the story. Is life eternal? Is everything in the universe truly interconnected? We hope you read the book, for the story is full of interesting twists – designed to make you think about your own life, appreciate what you have and be vigilant about those who wield power.

Nature works in very mysterious ways, but always according to law. Within that structure a crossroads has been reached — a cosmic impasse, whereby the consciousness of mankind must shift just as the earth spins on its axis.

Against the backdrop of polarities and the gamut of emotions provided, our protagonists evolve into the twenty first century, blissfully unaware of their pasts. But in the new world where there is hostility and chaos, – the undeniable attraction seems doomed once again to reach fulfilment.

The story draws to a climatic ending in the Himalaya Mountains when the protagonists and the nemesis that had dogged their footsteps for centuries, bring history full circle. Or do they? The ending will surprise you; perhaps it will make you think about your own life – in the here and now. Above all, we hope you understand the message of “The Meadow” and that you will look at life differently after reading the book.

Read the last excerpt further down this page.


The Meadow

A tale that started in antiquity and reached the twenty first century

This is a story about love, devastation, lies and deceit. Above all, the story demonstrates how all things are connected, without exception.

Are there other concepts out there that can match this amazing tale? Maybe the links below can demonstrate this.

Get used to the complicated calculations as Hugo (below) discovers what lie behind the physical and esoterical worlds. The above blackboard is similar to the tool that he uses every day.

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The determination of two authors

“The Meadow” was meant to be given to the world

Mike O’Hare and Elfreda Pretorius met under very unusual circumstances around three years ago. In the very early stages of their communication, before they even met, the importance of writing the novel had reached their consciousness.

Still without meeting face to face, they managed to create an amazing story which had taken two and a half years to write. Even now the authors are still baffled as to how the whole thing came about.

However, the time spent and the creativity that was involved made it all worthwhile. They hope that you will enjoy reading “The Meadow”.


Mike’s tribute to Elfreda

It takes two to tango

This is a personal tribute to my co-author Elfreda Pretorius, without whose help and devotion I would not be writing this dedication.

I’m hopelessly lost when analyzing our combined efforts in bringing this amazing story to the world. It seems almost beyond imagination that two strangers could meet under the most bizarre of circumstances and produce this epic saga of love without ever coming face to face.

I can only concur with one of the major messages of this story, and that is to accept that everything is connected in one way or the other.

I wholeheartedly support the quotation of one our characters in the book when it is said that the interconnectedness of multi-dimensional consciousness is what supports our souls as we surf the cosmic waves of Truth.

For that reason alone, my heartiest and warmest thanks go to my writing partner, Elfreda.

~~Mike O’Hare~~


The Feathers and the Painting

A gift to each author on completion of “The Meadow”

After two and a half gruelling years of hard work, the authors decided to secretly reward the other with a gift to commemorate the novel and its completion.

Elfreda acquired two real tail feathers, one from an Eagle and the other from an Eagle Owl. These are central to the story and she had them framed and sent to Mike from Canada.

Mike had always had a vision of what it would look like in the celestial Meadow so he had a painting commissioned to present to Elfreda to celebrate their finished work.

For those who have followed the promotional work of “The Meadow” and have read all the marketing blogs, they will realize that these two pieces of art have graced every page to date.


INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW WORLD — The last excerpt from the book

A short summary before the story of “The Meadow” is finally told

. . . . “Upon release from its Source, the celestial journey of the soul is a mystery to most. It has been and will remain for many more centuries a lively topic of discussion in the debate halls of myriad philosophers. Precisely how it is moulded over eons into a sentient being with the ability to feel and experience is a closely guarded secret of Creation; one that has intrigued enquiring minds since the dawn of time. But there are instances of refined consciousness, capable of traversing heavenly realms, that have discovered the Meadow ingeniously hidden in the Astral level or Middle Place.

They report this to be a celestial waterhole from whence developed souls are directed in acquiring new experiences that could assist them in their quest for growth and better understanding. To aid this growth, a limitless gamut of emotions are available for each incarnation in which the soul could potentially walk through fire as it learns to make better choices by experiencing the polarities of each emotion.

In their first acquaintance the Cosmos freed Teuch and Anacaona onto the earth plane with a great capacity to love and be loved. The deep feelings they had for each other however, remained mostly unfulfilled in physical form and their lives were cut short by the envy and jealousy of others. In its infinite intelligence, Creation allowed this love to linger on and buried the memory of it in their ethereal bodies as the heavens beckoned their return to the Meadow.

And so, time after time they were released onto the earth plane in conditions and times that would test their endurance and devotion to each other down a long and arduous road, filled with passion, fear, extreme pain and unimaginable exhilaration. As their love grew in intensity over hundreds of years, the desire increased to find each other and demonstrate to a disillusioned world how unconditional love, in its many forms, could also manifest as the undying love between a man and woman.

As the first-born children to their respective parents, the stage selected for the root personalities of Teuch and Anacaona afforded them the opportunity to learn the significance of duty. But as the bond between them solidified and grew, what started out as a precious friendship in the playful vineyard encounters of their childhood, blossomed into love as they discovered a deeper attraction and meaning in their need to be together. In the short time in which they shared a marital bed, they were disallowed the pleasure of parenthood, yet both souls departed from the physical world with a clear understanding of duty, friendship and devotion.

Next, the Heavenly Architect chose to release Teuch as Chaska, back into the earthly environment ten years before it repeated the role with Anacaona as Tiva. Born into different tribes, where family tradition and honour preceded personal choice, and in the absence of opportunity for fulfilment, their love intensified. With Tiva already belonging to another man, their mutual devotion was enriched with endurance, as their spirits recognized each other but remained unable to act on their burning desire to be together.

Teuch struggled through his life in Africa as Sekayi. This time Anacaona was given to him as Nyasha, his beloved daughter. In the harsh setting of twelfth century Zimbabwe, Sekayi learned to apply skills and knowledge from other lives to assist and lead his tribe, the Lembas, in the most coveted skill of Africa, namely that of survival. Although the specific nuance of the love they shared had adjusted from romance to that of father and daughter, Sekayi’s obsession with his beautiful, vulnerable offspring resulted in indescribable pain. In this life, devotion and endurance led to understanding and integrating sacrifice through loss.

Drawn together life after life, Teuch finally found himself in a female body in the sixteenth century as Ann, wife to the Reverend Henry Bettsford, when Anacaona made her appearance as their gifted but crippled son, Nathaniel. In a time that preceded the terrible witch-hunt period, Ann hardly noticed Nathaniel’s pitiful body as she cared for and loved her deformed son. Equipped with devotion, endurance and sacrifice through loss, the important lesson of unconditional love added another vital aspect to their characters and the love they had for each other.

There were many other earthly rendezvous, all of which had added dimensions of growth and understanding that shaped their insight and prepared them over thousands of years for taking on the challenge and responsibility of modern times. Teuch and Anacaona also briefly met in ancient Egypt around the fourth century BC. Anacaona, again in the body of a male, this time came as Kahotep who worked side-by-side with the High priest, Ashai, in contributing to the hieroglyphically colourful language of this unusual race.

Kahotep’s purpose in his life in Egypt was to learn focus and concentration, traits he integrated through the development and interpretation of signs and symbols. But he had great admiration for the skill and patience of their camel master, Akhom, whose name meant eagle. He was the tolerant and humble guide who led their caravans on vast expeditions into the mountains to gather clay for their tablets and herbs for the colour mixtures. Kahotep knew the old guide wasn’t well, and he was strangely, deeply upset when he heard of Akhom’s sudden death one night in his sleep. Unaware of their true identities, both souls added experience and depth from interacting with others. Teuch’s gain, as he left the sick body of Akhom behind, was humility and dedication.

There were many more lives; some lived separately and others simultaneously. But these were seemingly always orchestrated into roles in which recognition of their root personalities was obscured by interfacing with other souls, from whom they also had important things to learn.

However, their re-emergence in the twenty-first century would test the strength of all the lessons learned combined. Thrown onto a stage where they were finally capable of mature love, their paths would be obstructed by invisible players who seemed intent on keeping them apart and stealing the fruits of their knowledge and experience gained over centuries, to serve their own selfish needs and sinister ends. As with each prior incarnation, the veil of the past drew down upon birth, and neither Teuch nor Anacaona had an inkling of how vigorously this life would test their devotion and endurance. Neither did they know of the sacrifices they would have to make to experience the deep love they had nurtured for thousands of years . . . .”

From antiquity to modern times

From Tel Aviv to England and finally the Himalayas

“The Meadow” covers almost every aspect of life and in the process it exploits the time/dimensional levels and locations from all around the world.

It is no coincidence that this novel has been written. Ask one of the authors, Mike O’Hare, the reasons behind it all and he will admit quite freely that this escapes him.

All he can say in defence is that he has enjoyed the journey and the experience. His co-author, Elfreda Pretorius, is adamant that this is not the end. “On the contrary this is only the beginning”.

Already there is a sequel in progress that has begun to draw down the Cosmic influence which was probably responsible for this whole venture.

Before that happens, make sure that you read “The Meadow”.


Mike’s interview on The Meadow

Explaining how The Meadow is to be marketed

A frank interview with Mike O’Hare, co-author of The Meadow outlining his plans for their story to reach a wide readership.

The Meadow Blog Authors Video

http://www.themeadowblog.com/ I’ve just completed co-authoring a novel of more than 600 pages; a huge venture which took more than two and a half years to complete. My writing partner is Elfreda Pretorius and, would you believe, we never met until the book had been completed. How it all started is a long story and I shall be explaining all of this in detail as I progress. Watch out for The Meadow.

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The Meadow novel

A story of undying love over thousands of years through many different lives

A novel written with a message for the modern world. It’s time to start realizing that there is more to life than what our five physical senses relay to us. Release your conditioned mind and understand that life is eternal, whether it be in the mind, the soul or the body. Life goes on regardless, and we follow it every step of the way.
A short, heart-rendering story called “Dead Man’s Hollow”
The Meadow is an Epic Love Story Involving Four Past Lives. http://www.themeadowblog.com/ I’ve just completed co-authoring a novel of more than 600 pages; a huge venture which took more than two and a half years to complete.
Experience Nature To Feel That Oneness
According to Buddhist philosopher and photographer Daisaku Ikeda, the response to nature’s beauty is not merely aesthetic but reflects also the ability to discern a deeper meaning and interconnectedness in things.
During this life review the subject feels the presence and renewed experience of not only every act but also every thought from one’s past life, and one realizes that all of it is an energy field which influences oneself as well as
Lifting Fire
It has now been semi-colonized by the homeless community that lives inside ? in racially segregated sections of the park. The campus is more subdued and conservative today, yet there are surprise remnants of a liberal past.

Three beautiful creatures

They all feature in “The Meadow”









Watch out for my personal avatar

The Phoenix rising from the ashes combined with an outline of a female’s head

In 1986 I was under a great deal of stress.

My mother was dying of cancer and I was undergoing horrendous business relationships with my equal partner.

My mother died, coinciding with my decision to go it alone and break the partnership and form a new business.

I commemorated this by designing this emblem/logo in memory of my late mother and in recognition of a new start in business.

It has remained with me ever since and has accompanied many articles that I have written, as well as being the company logo that accompanied all business administration.


This is the avatar of my co-author, Elfreda Pretorius

A little girl picking up a baby sparrow

“Sparrow in my hand” is the personal Avatar of my writing partner, Elfreda.

Drawn by her son, it commemorates a turning point in her life when that same son, at the age of seven, overcame life threatening injuries sustained in an accident.

This is his vision of his mother as a little girl, wondering how to save a baby sparrow that fell from its nest – the same way she wondered how to help him survive all those years ago.

“Sparrow in my hand” is the book of his healing they intend to write in the near future.


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However, before that can happen, there are certain factors which need addressing.

The main issue here is to get the story out there and attract people by showing snippets and characters in the book.

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