The Legend behind “The Meadow”

          Every Native American has heard the story and dreams of one day finding the feathers. It is said that following a night of the full moon, when the mountain snows have disappeared and the buffalo finally return, the most wondrous crossing of two sacred birds takes place in the skies above the open plains.

Cloaked in the gloom of early dawn, the eagle leaves its lofty nest and approaches the forest where it circles silently, waiting with piercing eyes for the owl to rise from the wooded darkness. Before the sun illuminates the outer rim of the world, the king of the day and lord of the night rapidly ascend into the heavens where, in a sight to behold, they initiate a spectacular aerial display.

But when daylight creeps stealthily across the prairie, the birds unexpectedly drop from the sky and plunge towards a seemingly inevitable, but senseless death. Shrieking with talons extended, on an apparent collision course with the earth, they abruptly pull out of the free fall and silently glide past each other. It is rumoured that just as a glimpse of the rising sun is captured in the eye of the owl, and when the fading moon shimmers in the glare of the eagle, a tail feather is dropped by each bird.

          Legend has it that the feathers will bring their finder true love and bless him with wisdom. Every young brave dreams of wearing a headdress proudly displaying these. But there’s one more sacred promise; to live forever with the one that you love.



Sample of Endorsements:


There is a saying known by those on their path of enlightenment: Everything comes at the perfect time, in the perfect way. “The Meadow” is exactly the sort of work where if it somehow comes your way, it is a timely message and gift from the Universe to assist you in advancing your own spiritual evolution. “The Meadow” is a magical journey for the characters in the story and the reader alike. The lessons learned by the protagonists will shine a light on whatever issues a reader may be experiencing. The work is serendipity, synchronicity, and spirituality. Note to the Showtime Network: We expect to see “The Meadow” as a mini-series and/or trilogy of films. When this novel graced our presence, we had set aside a three week period to devour its contents. Little did we know how captivating it would be as we finished it—cover to cover, word for word, in three days! Do the same and treat yourself to a modern-day literary masterpiece.


Veronica Grey


Philanthropist, Actress, Novelist


Founder of Eternal Youth Empire




When Mike first approached us to read “The Meadow” in the early stages of development, we found it hard to believe that as a young boy visiting the Forum during the Billingham International Folklore Festival, on hearing the International music, an idea was born. From this idea, came this outstanding book of love, re-incarnation, espionage, and deceit. A powerful thought provoking read, you will not be able to put down.


Joe Maloney




Billingham International Folklore Festival




What a fantastic book; couldn’t put it down. Tel Aviv toEnglandhad my heart in my mouth! I wish the authors only the greatest success. Readers should know that they will not be able to get any work done. I read two hundred pages in one go. It is thrilling, encapsulating, sad and heart warming.


Gillian Scott, M.A.T.A.


Reflexologist and Amatsu Teacher




“The Meadow” is a sensational and captivating account of two people’s lives as they meet again and again over many centuries. It weaves a path of wisdom through the ages, and awakens our curiosity, enriching our lives as we become involved with its wonderful characters.


Judy Suke


Motivational Humorist


President, Triangle Seminars


Professor, Sheridan College




Get ready for a consciousness shift! “The Meadow” is the most intriguing, mysterious, beautiful love story I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I am still amazed that the authors could have brought this masterpiece to life while living an ocean apart. The gamut of emotions they dare the reader to experience makes for a wild, but thrilling ride. “The Meadow” touched the very core of my being and gave me a whole new perspective on all those who have come and gone in my life, the ones that shared beauty with me as well as the ones who caused me pain.


Susan Nicholas


Reiki Master




“The Meadow” takes you along on a captivating journey connecting powerful characters through time. This engrossing journey, through many eras and parts of the world, is suspenseful, emotional, riveting and insightful. The magical MEADOW—fascinating! The authors are well deserving of “Top Ten” recognition.


Mary Hanna


Psychoeducational Consultant




“The Meadow” is a poignant story of eternal love that transcends the boundaries of time, age and gender. Interwoven through the intrigue, passion and drama of the many lifetimes of the protagonists, is a deep spiritual thread. A profoundly moving story—written with the emotion and subjectivity of two authors whose intimate awareness of the lives of the various characters suggests first-hand familiarity.


Louise Salton


Retired Editor


Oakville, Canada




This book of multiple lives and other dimensions has challenged me to look beyond the words on the pages and contemplate if I have indeed visited the Meadow in between previous existences. “The Meadow” is cleverly written and construes a path of development for the characters through each life. The book is intriguing, enlightening and superbly written! I hope a sequel has been planned for this very advanced work.


Susan Bridges


Childcare Specialist


Mississauga, Ontario




“The Meadow” is simply one of the most engrossing books I have read in years. It grabbed hold of me on the opening page and did not let go. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Lesley Lomon


Avid reader of approximately 100 books annually


Toronto, Canada







The dividing line between Reality and Illusion is indeed very thin and for many years it has been the privilege of only a few gifted people to look and see beyond. With a rapidly changing world and many people awakening, The Meadow is a timely book that tells a poignant story of love and perseverance, of mystery and magic. But most striking is the promise for the future of mankind. The book encourages the reader to question the status quo and investigate matters for themselves. A very entertaining read which demonstrates insight into what for many has been unknown wisdom, but presented with a flair that makes it accessible for everyone.


Philip Solomon


Psychic Medium


The British Spiritualist Medium, Healer, Published Author, Writer, Broadcaster, Executive Film Producer and Investigator of the Paranormal.


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