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“The Meadow” — a great love story

“Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned and the last fish caught will we realize that we cannot eat money” — A Cree Indian proverb


There will be many blogs that follow, but this one in particular is meant to act as the home blog, a place from where readers and bloggers can move out from here and find what there is to know about “The Meadow”, a novel written about past lives and love that is eternal.

Who will be the first to spot its potential I wonder?

Find the links to the right of this page to navigate to other blogs which promote “The Meadow” and also take you to external sites of related interest and other people’s views.

There are more links added near the foot of this page plus my personal details just in case someone wants to get in touch.

The photo in various parts of this lens, of the painting about The Meadow, is not intended to depict the book cover which is shown here.


~~ Mike O’Hare ~~




Contents at a Glance. The links will take you to various parts of this page via my Squidoo page where all my blogs are created.

  1. The Meadow seeks recognition
  2. The physical meadow versus the celestial watering hole called “The Meadow”
  1. The Feathers
  3. Fairies


The Meadow seeks recognition


Publication of a great story is only the beginning. Now it has to find its rightful place amongst the bookshelves with all the other fantastic works of fiction.


This can only happen when it is brought into people’s awareness.


“The Meadow” has taken two and a half years to write and the authors do not intend for it to take that long to gain momentum as it reaches public scrutiny.


We rely on the power of the Internet and the tools which are available to us. There are many potential readers out there and using the right approach by using this facility will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals.


Watch this space. We have now put a lovely printed picture on to that plain old book. What’s more — it’s a real picture and not a painting. See further above.



The physical meadow versus the celestial watering hole called “The Meadow”

Which would you choose?

Right is a beautiful photo of a real meadow somewhere.
Once you begin to read “The Meadow” your mind will possibly take you to another world and let you experience a meadow from another dimension — a celestial watering hole where souls go to rest between physical lives.

Observe the painting above and see what conjures in the minds of the two authors who wrote “The Meadow”.




The Feathers

One from an eagle and the other from an owl

This is how the story begins, with a legend, where two tail feathers are cast from an eagle and an owl in an aerial display.
Right is a close up depicting them in the painting of “The Meadow” and below are the real feathers, framed to commemorate the completion of “The Meadow”.




The blogging road to final publication

Welcome to The Meadow Blog, a way of trying to get across, by way of interaction and communication, a message about a story that was written by two people – Mike O’Hare and Elfreda Pretorius.

We came across each other totally by accident. In fact we met over the Internet through a mutual friend and from that point we discovered that we shared a very unique story.

With two continents between us and a distance of more than five thousand miles, we managed to produce a complete work of fiction, comprising of more than five hundred pages without ever laying eyes on one another. When you consider the difficulties that exist between two writers in similar circumstances in the normal sense of the word, then I hope that you can appreciate the amazing achievement that has occurred here.

Now that the story has been finished, we aim to market the novel in the most effective way possible. So here I am, along with my writing partner, champing at the bit and raring to go down the blogging route to successful sales. It’s going to be a long haul, but I’m ready for the interaction and opportunity that it will bring to make new friends along the way and, maybe, just create that big break.

“The Meadow” is a story about life. It is not just a book of fiction, but conveys and graphically illustrates how love between two people can last into eternity. This story is about how two souls find themselves born into antiquity and strive to unite life after life. Yes, this is about past lives, or reincarnation if the word does not offend your values and beliefs.

As with all good novels, “The Meadow” has all the ingredients that will make it a great read. Once the subject of sex, violence, intrigue, mystery, political/religious upheaval, and even a bit of magic are got out of the way, it leaves the road clear to witness and experience the undying love which exists between two people. Because of the polarities that exist in a physical world, there are always the opposing forces that prevent our two heroes from reaching their goal.

As a consequence of this, the pair find themselves, alongside their faithful animal companion, in The Meadow, a celestial watering hole where souls with unfinished earthly business, go to rest before deciding on their next plans to incarnate and move along life’s rich path to glory and happiness.

THE MEADOW — A CELESTIAL WATERING HOLE WHERE SOULS GO TO RESTThis is a tale that will appeal to young and not so young adults and will help to stimulate your thought patterns as you consider that there could well be other things to life that you had not yet considered. Please help spread the word about “The Meadow” as you consider and digest the many blogs that will follow this introduction.




Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden?

There is a little girl featured in “The Meadow” called Natalie. She sees people in quite a different way to others.
In Thorp Pelkington anything can happen. This is an ancient village from times gone by.
With two streams crossing each other, one above ground, the other below ground, there is a huge vortex where they meet.
This is where you will discover the wonderful gifts of this amazing little girl.


Three beautiful creatures

They all feature in “The Meadow”



Some of the locations used in “The Meadow”

Get a feel for the story when you see some of the locations that are used

All the places mentioned in “The Meadow” are real, even Thorp Pelkington which you will not find on a map no matter how detailed.
Here are just some of them. Watch out for more in other blogs.
The right hand picture is a place similar to where the adventure begins in “The Meadow”.
It is also the place where our monk lives. He is called Chong-ba.
A lot of the story is featured in Steve’s (our Professor) village called Elwick. A very famous transaction takes place at the local pub, The Spotted Cow.
Here you can see Elfreda stood outside the actual place.



Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game

How to overcome struggle and start living — read about my writing partner and co-author of “The Meadow” and how her skills as a life coach inspired her to her first book

Are you tired of struggling through life but hope tomorrow will be better? Well, it will not be any different from today. Not unless you learn and apply the Stop Struggling and Start Living – Rules of the Game. This beautiful novel of a spiritual awakening teaches us the principles and practical steps we need in order to take control of our lives and begin to soar.

Stop Struggling and Start Living: The Rules of the Game

Amazon Price: $11.66 (as of 08/14/2008)



Has this page raised any interest in learning more about “The Meadow”?

Please make comments and leave a contact

All the articles and blogs that I write are designed to create an awareness of “The Meadow”.

Communication, pro-action and interaction is the name of the game.

Let me know somehow that “The Meadow” is on your mental list.

This will eventually lead us to the right people and bring this story (which was meant to be written) to the world.

You can reach me by any of the contacts at the foot of this page or simply comment in the box provided.


The Meadow novel

A story of undying love over thousands of years through many different lives

A novel written with a message for the modern world.
It’s time to start realizing that there is more to life than what our five physical senses relay to us.
Release your conditioned mind and understand that life is eternal, whether it be in the mind, the soul or the body.
Life goes on regardless, and we follow it every step of the way in “The Meadow”.
See how Google grabs on related words and phrases. In time these should bring us toward other stories and blogs that will prevent this page from spamming.
He showed no sign of her throat
Reincarnation: Have You Really Lived Before?
Its disappearance was as wood on wood
Keep moving Henry


The best way to get published is by utilizing the Internet.


Themeadowblog — a tool used to follow “The Meadow”

This story illustrates how life can be truly eternal when love carries two souls through many lives

Past lives or reincarnation can either be a buzz word or one that upsets those of a religious belief that contradicts their philosophy. From a logical point of view, it is the opinion of both authors that all lessons can not be learnt in just one earthly life time. “The Meadow” and its storyline is based around this concept. I hope to see this feed search improve each time a new group is found until I see “The Meadow” being illustrated each time.
Swarthmore Cowboy
Only if read in conjunction with ”The Meadow” do the flashbacks to the past lives of Trent, Mike and Oscar convey anything like a profound, heart-of-world … Url : http://www.nytimes.com/books/99/10/31/reviews/991031.31footet.html Cache (Ranked #29)
…grazing in the meadow of creativity!!
A little guide to my blog…to the left you’ll find a list of notices including upcoming events, holidays and what not. Under all that is where my blog … Url : http://equinespirit.blogspot.com/ Cache (Ranked #15)
Baltimore Shakespeare Festival’s Shrew Opens in the Meadow …
The Taming of the Shrew runs July 18 – August 3 at the Meadow at Evergreen Museum and Library in … “These Shining Lives”: Surface Glimmer at CENTERSTAGE … Url : http://baltimore.broadwayworld.com/viewcolumn.cfm?colid=30151 Cache (Ranked #28)
When God Sighs: A Meeting in the Meadow
You have only the conjectures of men past to come to that stance. … with the firm faith that the God of the Bible is alive and active in our lives today. … Url : http://whengodsighs.blogspot.com/2008/06/meeting-in-meadow.html Cache (Ranked #18)
meadow jumping mouse — Britannica Online Encyclopedia
The woodland jumping mouse (Napaeozapus insignis) lives in moist forests of eastern North America. The meadow, Pacific, and western jumping mice (Zapus … Url : http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/371473/meadow-jumping-mouse Cache (Ranked #29)
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Watch out for my personal avatar

The Phoenix rising from the ashes combined with an outline of a female’s head

In 1986 I was under a great deal of stress.
My mother was dying of cancer and I was undergoing horrendous business relationships with my equal partner.
My mother died, coinciding with my decision to go it alone and break the partnership and form a new business.
I commemorated this by designing this emblem/logo in memory of my late mother and in recognition of a new start in business.
It has remained with me ever since and has accompanied many articles that I have written, as well as being the company logo that accompanied all business administration.



This is the avatar of my co-author, Elfreda Pretorius

A little girl picking up a baby sparrow

“Sparrow in my hand” is the personal Avatar of my writing partner, Elfreda.
Drawn by her son, it commemorates a turning point in her life when that same son, at the age of seven, overcame life threatening injuries sustained in an accident.
This is his vision of his mother as a little girl, wondering how to save a baby sparrow that fell from its nest – the same way she wondered how to help him survive all those years ago.
“Sparrow in my hand” is the book of his healing they intend to write in the near future.

Watch out for these people in future lenses

Four images and yet only two people

Two people who live through eternity — two are ancient figures and the other two are of the present day, but they are the same person. Can you guess who is who?
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketYou will find out soon enough as you read more about “The Meadow”.


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Twitter will find all the followers that you want

Twitter is just a great tool. Now all you have to do is post your material, copy the URL and paste into your Twitter browser.

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Check out all “The Meadow” lenses and blogs

“The Meadow” has its own home page where you can read all about this story

“The Meadow” is ready to be shared with the world.
However, before that can happen, there are certain factors which need addressing.
The main issue here is to get the story out there and attract people by showing snippets and characters in the book.
Here goes my lists of articles for you to follow from the Home Page regarding a great love story that spans over thousands of years.
I hope you can get something from all of them.




Follow my other links

These are from various sites and different people

This is all about viral marketing and how to draw people to you. All my communication will be detailed in the form of links whereby the loop becomes complete.
Elfreda, my writing partner’s own website
Here you will find all you need to know about life skills.
My Website for people to post their own material
See in more detail how “The Meadow” has developed.
Writer,Author,Publishing Club
Gary Eby’s group in Squidoo.
Another place to post your blogs.
See another showpiece for “The Meadow”.
The Bookglutton Club
Join me at this readers’ club.



Contact us

We’re easily reached

mike-and-elfreda-togtherIf you are interested in learning more about “The Meadow”, then you can contact us as follows:-



No. 8 High Throston,
TS26 0LJ


No. 22 Oakville,

L6H 2B5, Canada



+(0044) 1429 279814
Fax: +(0044) 1429 231255
Email: themeadowblog@gmail.com


+(0001) 905 815 0734

Email: elfredapretorius@gmail.com



The Meadow home page

The Meadow at Twitter


  1. Doug Goodhue said,

    Dear Michael,

    The writer is a long-term friend of Elfreda Pretorius and, of course, I know John and her three boys as well. I just received her latest communication this morning with all the reference to ” The Meadow ” and I think I understand that you have a publisher that she did not have when I met with her for an hour a few weeks ago.

    I help Elfreda by promoting Rules of the Games, that resulted in sales of that book, and provided free copies to family and selected friends. I met Elfreda in a course she taught titled Pro Training. I think that I was the only person in that course who actually recognized the incredible depth of knowledge that she had in esoteric mysteries. In due course, Elfreda provided a host of reference materials and books that developed my own huge research into the hidden worlds.

    I look forward to your success with The Meadow and to have the chance to soon read the book itself. I have followed the adventure that you and Elfreda shared in the creation of this book over the past few years.

    I wish you both much success. World is fortunate that you two have created this book.

    Doug Goodhue

  2. Dawn Eglitis said,

    Dear Mike and Elfreda
    This story has many interesting twists and turns that makes the book a page turner from start to finish. I can’t wait for my family and friends to read it.
    I feel strongly in the strength of past lives and how they influence our current lifetime and the lessons that we are here to learn.
    Native spirituality is very powerful and brings one back to the basics of Mother Eartth and Father Sky. Symbols and signs from nature abound and it is up to all of us to appreciate and honour them and the traditions that go with them.

    Feathers are a source of strength allow birds to soar to great heights. I see the same happening to your book. Great heights and spiritual awareness.
    Thank you for your gift to the world!

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